Essential car maintenance leads to better safety on roads, enhanced vehicle performance, reduces expenses on preventable repairs, decreases the risk of roadside emergencies and increases your vehicles resale value.

Perform Regular Basic Vehicle Inspection

Regular inspection is essential to know the working condition of your vehicle and identify any issues early before they escalate to expensive problems. Your owners manual is a good place to start with, to know about basic inspection. You could inspect your...continue reading

When faced with the decision to lease or buy a Toyota, there are many factors that you may want to consider before taking the plunge. Given here are some reasons why leasing a Toyota can be more beneficial:

Lower monthly payments

The amount of money that goes into monthly payments for leasing a Toyota is considerably less when compared to the value payable on a new vehicle.

Opportunity to experience different Toyota models

Leasing gives you an opportunity to experience diverse Toyota models. Because...continue reading

Preparing your vehicle for inspection is very important. In the US, there are special laws that both mandates as well as require periodic inspection of vehicles. Whether your state requires an annual inspection or bi-annual inspection, you need to take some steps to prepare your vehicle for its next inspection. Before you have your vehicle inspected in Toyota of Huntington, NY or the cities of Melville, Commack, Greenlawn, be sure to address the following issues.

What is checked?

A typical...continue reading

A vehicle tuneup is a maintenance service performed on an annual basis. Refer to your owners manual for the exact tuneup schedule.

Never miss or ignore a tuneup it is important to have your vehicle working at its best always.

Components of a Tuneup

The services included in a tuneup may vary from one auto service to another. Some of the most common services that are part of a tuneup include:

Air Filter Replacement

An air filter supplies contaminant-free air to the engine. It needs to be replaced at least once in a year,...continue reading

People often use AWD and 4WD interchangeably, but there are major differences between the two. You may not know the variations either because you did not realize they are different, or you may have been afraid to ask for fear of sounding ignorant. With the guide below, you will understand the two-wheel systems and how their functionings differ. 

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)
Sends varying amounts of torque to each axle, and the driver cannot control the amount of torque they receive. The engine of an AWD car uses a center differential...continue reading