Simple Steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

The performance of your vehicle can weaken during winter. A lot is due to the impact of colder temperatures and harsher conditions. This decline in performance can result in breakdowns and reduced safety for passengers.

Following the below steps will help your vehicle overcome various obstacles during winter. 

Give your vehicle its routine service.
It is critical you get your vehicle serviced. The best practice is to follow the schedules suggested by the manufacturer. Make it a point to opt for winter servicing. Whether you're following an annual or more frequent servicing schedule. Toyota of Huntington is eager to get your vehicle ready for winter or fix any outstanding issues. 

Complete winter care ensures that your vehicle is ready for the winter season. Visit Empire Toyota of Huntington in Huntington Station, if you are near Greenlawn, Commack, or Melville. Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers 

Replace damaged light.
Bright working lights promote clear visibility, which is crucial for winter driving. Check all lights and replace those that show defects. Cleaning the headlights and taillights often will help.

In case of a fog buildup on the headlight or taillight, try removing it using toothpaste. Rub the toothpaste on the light cover and brush to break the accumulation.

Take care of the seals.
If your area is prone to snowfalls, you may want to protect your vehicle seals, such as door seals, from falling snow. Falling snow tends to gather between door seals, which can result in jamming inside. Keep Vaseline in your vehicle which can prevent build-up. 

Check drive belts for cracks.
Drive belts can crack during colder months. Check the underside of the belts for their presence. Replace your belts immediately if they look weak or if cracks are visible.

Equip yourself with a winter survival kit.
A well-stocked winter kit can be a lifesaver during emergencies:
  • Bright flashlights 
  • Extra batteries
  • Winter gloves
  • Window Scraper 
  • Blankets
  • De-icer
  • Mobile phone chargers.

Visit Empire Toyota of Huntington's Service Department to begin preparing your Toyota for the winter months!