Benefits of Purchasing a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

You can benefit from buying a Toyota-certified pre-owned car as you travel through the streets of Melville, Commack, and Greenlawn in Huntington Station, New York. 

Certified Toyota pre-owned vehicles were once used and have been subjected to the stringent certified pre-owned (CPO) inspection process whilst receiving the quality and condition approval of the Toyota seal. 

Toyota CPO vehicles are usually a bit more expensive than used alternatives, but they are considerably cheaper than new models. Despite their higher cost when compared to used vehicles, Toyota CPO vehicles offer many benefits that can offset automotive expenses in the future. 

Warranty Extension
An extension on warranties is easily the biggest advantage offered by Toyota on its certified pre-owned vehicles, which includes:

  • A comprehensive warranty for 12-months/12,000-miles
  • Limited powertrain warranty of 7-years/100,000-miles
  • Complimentary roadside assistance of 1 year

Reconditioning By Experts To Meet Toyota Standards
        For pre-owned vehicles to be Toyota-certified, they must be subjected to reconditioning by service professionals from Toyota. Such reconditioning ensures that the manufacturer's standards of quality are met and that the Toyota CPO vehicle functions as well as a new model. 

Dependable Option
    With Toyota being one of the leading manufacturers of reliable cars, you’re already set to experience a great driving experience. Making sure you buy something that has undergone the CPO inspection process ensures that you are choosing a dependable car that meets Toyota standards and can last you for many years (while undergoing regular checks for maintenance). 

Value for Money
   Several benefits become available at a price cheaper than a new vehicle, offering great value for money for buyers. To become a certified pre-owned Toyota vehicle, the Toyota needs to be a recent model of no longer than six years old, with low mileage and a standard condition aesthetically as well as mechanically. It must also possess a clean vehicle history report, proving that its previous owners took good care of it. 

Higher trim levels and premium vehicle features become available at a lower price, and some may offer lower interest rates when financing, giving buyers incredible bang for their buck and greater peace of mind when they make the purchase.

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